Liberation of Thuong Duc – Colonel Pham Quang Dinh’s memoirs

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Battle of Thuong Duc took place at the outpost of the Da Nang military complex, one of the largest ARVN bases in the South. Sourround of Thuong Duc is mountain with steep slopes, the east is the convergence of the Con and Vu Gia Rivers

The road No. 4 is the only road through Ai Nghia to Da Nang. The ARVN army has built an uninterrupted trench system in the base along with 35 semi-submerged trench, numerous fortifications and tunnel system. In the years 1969 and 1970, we organized a survey of Thuong Duc district but failed. After each hit, the ARVN strengthened defense fortified.

Our main engagement force at the Battle of Thuong Duc was the 304th Division, which was reinforced by the 1st Battalion, 219th Engineer Brigade, A72 missile company, B72 missile company, two the local army battalion. Later, the division was reinforced with the 3rd Regiment of the 324th Division, who had just joined the battle of Daklak victory. Battle of Thuong Duc was conducted directly by the 304th Division. The 2nd Corps organized a forward division accompanied by Colonel Hoang Dan, Deputy Commander in charge of the Corps.

After conducting a survey and receiving detailed reports, the corps commander and division decided: July 20 must finish the road to put the basic forces into the capture of Thuong Duc.

After more than a month struggling with the road, on the night of July 17, 1974, our cars were secretly pulled into focus in Hien village. 122 mm guns were located in uninhabited villages, for the people had long since left. The 160mm to reach the safe position is three kilometers long. The next day, soldiers and civilians put 85mm guns over a marsh and sloped to a high point of 118 to shoot directly at Thuong Duc. The attack was mainly conducted by the 66th Regiment: 7th Battalion advanced from the northwest to the offensive zone; Battalion 9 defeated the ARVN in the security area and then proceeded to occupy the district; Company 10 Battalion 9 led by Company commander Hoang Van Nam blocking ARVN at Ha Tan bridge. 3rd Regiment (324th Division) reinforced the ARVN in Ba Khe, encircled the ARVN at high point 52; The 17th Company of this regiment put up piles, wire and mines on the Vu Gia River, preventing the ARVN from running back to Danang, and not allowing them to be transported by river to Thuong Duc. The battalion of 10 guards of Quang Da province and the guerrilla army destroyed the ARVN in the villages 12, 13, 14, 15 with the villagers here.

The Germans were able to anticipate our advance in Thuong Duc, thus reinforcing the defenses and pouring down Thuong Duc two companies and bringing back the heavy artillery. . They are also located in the northwestern hill cliffs, so that when we attack Shanghai, we will attack on the back

At 5:00 am on July 28, 1974, the cannon fired heavily on the Thuong Duc military base, then the infantry crossed the Acacia forest to the field, occupying the outposts of A, B, C, Go Cam, Ba Khe. . The ARVN’s ammunition was on fire, many of the bunkers were destroyed. For the main direction, the 7th Battalion failed to destroy the security platoon and was hit by a 12.8 th gun at Truc Ha and failed to advance. When our cannon 85 killed 12.8 and the security platoon, 7th Battalion continued to put force into the breakthrough but also failed. In the 9th battalion, when we reached the fourth fence, the ARVN hit very hard, many of the brothers were wounded and had to stop. In the afternoon, we will kill the hill of Ong Mach. The battle was tough and fierce until July 31, 1974, the 66th Regiment continuously put force into the open but the ARVN fiercely resisted, Company 2 and Company 6 were injured much but the fence The district is not open yet. Due to the difficulties and losses of up to 300 wounded soldiers, the division ordered the regiment to temporarily stop the attack, to maintain the battlefield to reinforce its forces.

The next day, we organize a new attack, We apply tactics for straight fire artillery, anti-gun artillery fire to focus on one block. At this time the ARVN reacted very quickly, we just prepared firecrackers, they gave the aircraft and heavy artillery violently attacked the open area. The experience of the advance advance, our infantry team is closer to the target and has good workmanship so the casualties are not significant. Locate your 160 mm exactly in the center and then suddenly switch lanes, firing a series of grenade launchers as hiding places for the troops on the way. Main direction, the soldiers used to break open to open the door but the ARVN hiding in the fire column fired back fierce. At 9:30 am, the 9th Company captured the outpost C. The deputy battalion commander Nguyen Van Du fiercely led the battalion, ordered the 11th Company to take off his shirt and trousers. The remaining fence for the troops have footsteps to jump over, advancing the ARVN. The commander of the 10th Company Hoang Van Nam calmly commanded the unit to fight with the ARVN each block. The ARVN has been running out of the niche to shoot the main plot just captured us

During one day and night of continuous fighting, on the direction of 9th Battalion, we quickly opened the breakthrough door and captured some of the reinforcements, the first battlefield. When developing into the center of the advancing nose of our troops were leveled down before the dense fire system of the ARVN. The ARVN of Thuong Duc was no longer able to retreat and was furiously fighting back the assaults of our infantry. The ARVN’s A37 aircraft continued to bombard and dump the bombs immediately into the fence area, providing the garrison in Thuong Duc to keep the remaining area.

At 1 am on August 7th, the commander of the united mission agreed on the situation and made the decision: Moving forward the 9th Battalion into the main direction. Regiment 66 launched the final attack to occupy Thuong Duc district. The firepower of the division shot up the 8th Battalion. Explosion blasts in the last fence. Lieutenant Squad leader Chu Ngoc Oanh led the platoon. The ARVN panicked into the underground core shot out like crazy. From a blockhouse in the high ground suddenly appeared a machine gun in the right direction of our bullets, the soldiers did not pass up. Lieutenant-Colonel Chu Ngoc Oanh decided to use the sandbags to cover the ARVN’s aprons so that the Sixth Company could storm the center. The 9th Battalion occupied the security area and was developing into the police district. The 7th Battalion from the northwest turned to the 9th Battalion, breaking into the rodeo. On October 7, 1974, the revolutionary flag of the Party and people of Quang Da province was awarded to the 304th Infantry Division on the Thuong Duc base. With the Liberation of Thuong Duc, the door to the west of Da Nang was open, the ARVN was no longer able to counterattack and recaptured Thuong Duc.

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