Who is the man in the photo “Execution in Sai Gon” ?

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Uptil now, the identity of the man in the photo of the Execution in Saigon Tet 1968 is still unknown. Is he Nguyen Van Lém (Bảy Lốp) or Lê Công Nà (Nè) or someone still not clearly announced.

The event took place during the Tet Offensive in 1968 when the Liberation Army organized a general offensive and rebellion of the Tet offensive ( 1968 New Year Holiday) and attacked throughout the South Vietnamese region. At this time around the beginning of February 1968, the ARVN army captured a member of the Liberation Army. The South Vietnamese Army arrested a suspect who killed at least seven South Vietnamese soldiers and their families in a mass grave and General Nguyen Ngoc Loan, now the director of the National Police, drew a shotgun and shot at the head of this person

Eddie Adams ( American photographer ) took the photo of this moment. Although the picture gave him the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, Adams did not want his name attached to the photo because after the photograph of Operation Decision in Saigon, Tet 1968 was a long story.

Up to now, many people still find out who is in the photo of the Decision in Saigon, Tet 1968 and lot of people think that the man in the Exexution in Saigon Tet 1968 photo is Nguyen Van Lém (Bảy Lốp)

The search for the family of the shooter: Since the article by Novosty reporters questioned the situation of the Seven Lives, Colonel Nguyen Phuong Nam, a former Ho Chi Minh City Foreign Affairs official, Many relationships with special forces, information and knowledge that the day of Tet Mau Than has an attack of the Liberation Army South into the command of the Republic of Vietnam navy and the commander is Seven Tires , deputy commander Hai Ly, according to which Seven Laps were arrested and sent to the Republic of Vietnam Field Police Command, but it was unclear where the Seven Laps were taken, combined with reports from Japanese journalists at Someone who was crossed by policemen led to the old road 20 and now Ly Thai To street was shot. Nguyen Phuong Nam enlarged the photo and said that the shot was a shoe of about 100m. From there he went to find the Seven Lives.

In 1985 the Communist Party of Japan visited and investigated. Thanks to the execution of the decision of the Japanese delegation to Saigon, Captain Nguyen Van Lém knew that her husband, Nguyen Ngoc Loan, was shot in 1968 by Nguyen Võ Lém who was very similar to the man in the photo. From then on, the Vietnamese people started to know that the person shot in the photo was Nguyen Van Lem.

According to his wife Nguyen Van Lém, Nguyen Van Lém was born in Vinh Loc commune, Binh Chanh district. In 1947, the Viet Minh troops marched in the outskirts, and in 1953 they were arrested and escaped. In 1954, his wife, Nguyen Thi Lon, first daughter, lived in Long Khanh (in 1998). In 1962, Lém came to South Vietnam, then lived with his wife in Cu Chi. In 1966, Lach’s wife got a second child, Lam answered his wife’s question about naming his son whether he or she named Nguyen Ngoc Loan. Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Loan has a family, in 1998 lived in Tan Binh grocery. In late 1967, his wife Lém pregnant with his youngest son, Nguyen Dung Thong, Nguyen Van Lach suddenly told his wife to return home for Tet Holiday.

However, up to now, there have not been any official documents concluding who was in the photo of the Decision of Saigon in Tet 1968. Hopefully this will soon be the answer so people can know exactly who the soldier was in the American War and hope to find his remains soon.

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