Operation Cedar Falls – Johnson City – Reports by Lieutenant General Bernard William Rogers

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Operation Cedar Falls and Operation Junction City are the two largest US operations during the Vietnam War in 1967, Lieutenant General Bernard William Rogers is assigned duty to make the report about these two operations to the US defense department

Lieutenant General Bernard William Rogers in 1966 was a Major General, Commander of the 1st Infantry Division with nick name The Big Red One division involved in both operations. Then General Westmoreland – US Army Commander in Chief in Viet Nam asked him to write a report on the two campaigns for submission to the US Department of Defense. In 1976-1979, he was the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, and after 1979 he was Supreme Commander of the Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) NATO Allied Commander Europe (NATO).

The Cedar Falls campaign and the Junction City campaign took place in the early months of 1967 and were the first operation with a level above a division and made the turning point of the war. It shows that such operations are still needed in the fight against insurgency and also that the enemy must re-evaluate their tactics when it is possible to conduct the third stage of the war is the total counterattack and insurgency From there it is necessary to return to the guerrilla mode.

In the operation Cedar Falls and Operation Junction City, the US and South Vietnamese forces also destroyed many treasures, weapons and killed hundreds of Viet Cong soldiers, which forced their forces to rely entirely on supplies from Cambodia border. Also from these two operations, the Viet Cong could see that large garrisons in the vicinity of Saigon were extremely dangerous. The operation also increased the confidence and cohesion of the allied forces. As can be seen, these two campaigns are the two most important campaigns since the failures of the period 1965-1966

On the military front, the Cedar Falls campaign has not had as many notable landmarks as the Junction City campaign as it consists only of small units that search for treasure, destroy tunnels and destroy the forests there. Most notably, the relocation of 6,000 local people out of the Iron Triangle. The Junction City campaign is a gathering of large units, with up to five encounters, air strikes and a series of small operations.


In the 1960s, the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese were relatively weak, with the main activities being assassination, harassment, kidnapping and sabotage. By the end of 1960, the attacks were still below battalion level. But in 1961, the attacks increased rapidly and the strength was above the battalion level. Although the US supported quite a bit but political instability coupled with the coup and the death of President Ngo Dinh Diem led troops Southern team is going down

By 1964, the Viet Cong battalions were incorporated into regiments and divisions and culminated in the formation of the Viet Cong 9th division and the Battle of Binh Gia in the east of Saigon on 28 December 1964. That battle, the Viet Cong division ambushed and destroyed a battalion of Rangers and a Marine Battalion of the Republic of Vietnam.

In 1965, the first year the regular units of the North Vietnamese were brought into the South and in the early months of 1965, the Republican army lost an average weekly battalion and lost an average of 1 town per week or One district to the North Vietnamese forces, therefore, the US military was required to attend and in July 1965, US troops were brought into Vietnam and in August officially participated in some battles but scale is still under 1 division

In 1966 was the year the US military was added more and more along with the speed of building bases. US soldiers and the Republic of Vietnam carried out a series of operations, but mainly in suburban areas of Saigon and Cu Chi Iron Triangle, War Zone C and War Zone D

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