How to shoot down Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

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Boeing B-52 bombers or Boeing B-52 Stratofortress are destructive weapons with tremendous destructive power. North Vietnamese Air Defense – Air Force combined the analysis of the Soviet SAM-2 S-75 Dvina composed a book called the “How to shoot down Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

The document “How to shoot down Boeing B-52 Stratofortress” consists of 29 pages, scientific, detailed, detailed analysis of the tricks and rules of the operation of B-52 aircraft, the way to fight the missile powers, the most important problem and organization of combat security command and instructions on how to fight B-52 aircraft. Documents showing high intelligence of Air Defense Air Force cadres and soldiers are the basis for cadres and civil defense officers to talk and agree on warplanes awareness and appreciation. US B-52 combines electronic noise issues and finds a way to get B-52 the most effective.

B-52 bomber is long-term strategic bombers. Anatomy of 52g B-52H and B-8 jet engines, wingspan 56,39m, body length 49,05m, height 12,4m, weighing 221,350kg, crew of 6 people, maximum speed 960km / h, 810km travel / h, the largest Uprising 16.765m height from 10,000 to 13,000 meters In fact, the furthest range for B-52g 12.070km and B-52H 6.093km for. Armor 4 rifles 12.7mm (B-52g), 1 gun 20mm (B-52H), the average can be 15 generators bring noise, carry 18 to 30 tons of bombs. Usually the B-52 flying fort often had a shape of 3 units. Each shot is so devastating within the entire area 1kmx2.5km box. With an average bomb of 250 kg, there are 130 bombs at 1km2. These fruits are 80m away from the other fruits. Explosion will destroy everything. B-52 aircraft often fly high at altitudes of 9,000 – 12,000m. At this altitude, the target below can often not see or hear the plane just traced when the series first bomb explodes. Due to the unexpected, it is difficult and also very difficult to avoid bombing formidable variety of B-52

The Liberation Army’s current anti-aircraft missile was SAM-2 aircraft missile, also known as the S-75 Dvina anti-aircraft missile, which was equipped in 1957 by Soviet troops. It’s one of the camera rockets. not the most dangerous at that time. The rocket has a length of 10.66m, a diameter of 0.7m, weighs 2300kg in which the head is fragmented, weighing 200kg. Series 45Km, height of 28,000m

In the early 1965, the Hanoi government asked the Soviet Union to provide weapons against aircraft against US air force attacks. The Soviet Union decided to provide Hanoi with this type of missile and began joint deployment. Around Hanoi on April 5, 1965 and July 24, 1965, the SAM-2 rocket made its first effort by shooting down an F-4 Phantom. Previously, aircraft often flown at a height of 4-5km. At this altitude, the bombing was very accurate and far beyond the range of 12 mm 7 aircraft guns or 37 mm high-height rifles. But after SAM-2 fired the F-4 aircraft, US planes had to fly higher to avoid missiles. The bombing was not accurate, the plane flew lower to avoid the missile radar and then hit the net. Low range of high artillery

At the end of 1965, the American Air Force began using AGM-45 Shrike anti-radar missiles. This is an anti-radiation engine that can direct the enemy’s radar signal to destroy the target. At the same time, US aircraft began to equip equipment and electronic suppression devices. The Soviet Union also supports North Vietnamese troops by improving radar systems and increasing anti-noise measures. By the end of 1965, US military documents destroyed 8 SAM-2 missiles, and the US Air Force lost 13 aircraft.

In times of struggle with the B-52 Stratofortress, although there was a lot of damage, the missile units experienced signal recognition, capabilities, habits and rules, flight paths, B-52 on the wave screen through the drawing, the rules of the tactical aircraft operation in the absence of electronic noise and interference

From the experiences of 238 missile regiments in Vinh Linh and tactical air strikes of enemy air and naval forces in Hanoi, Hai Phong, on January 7, 1969, the Vietnam army released documents. “Concept B-52 strategic flight plan” to summarize the experience and provide the ability to shoot B-52 aircraft. In addition, military personnel also have technical officers from Military News, Operations, Training, Military Science, etc. Sent to follow the air defense units carefully to spread the experience and draw more lessons. learn when to deal with B-52 aircraft.

The book "how to shoot down B-52 Stratofortress" composed by North Vietnamese Air Defence missile department
The book “how to shoot down B-52 Stratofortress” composed by North Vietnamese Air Defence missile department

In October 1972, the document “How to beat B-52” had a red cover. There are many experiences in the real battle in many scientific ways. The way of operation, flight, altitude, bump, … of B-52 aircraft and how to shoot B-52 aircraft. The document says:

  • Although the American Air Force is causing a lot of noise, but in the chaos of all kinds of interference lines on the waveguide, B-52 is not completely invisible, if the eye can still detect B-52 targets in some way. Indirect: It’s the smooth signal noise that goes along the B-52 speed of movement. Although the target is not clearly visible to accurately identify and control the target, the textbook has outlined a shot-by-probability method: shooting a series of missile shell at the furthest distance. will have the likelihood of destroying the target fairly high. This probability shooting plan is called the manual called plan P.
  • When the B-52 target goes straight to the radio, the noise level will increase, but the target signal will also become stronger, the target will be clearer. This is the opportunity to shoot the main missile control. according to plan T, only 1 to 2 missiles will be shot with B-52.

During the 12 days of the night of December 1972, US military documents showed that North Vietnam troops had launched a total of 266 SAM-2 missiles, shot down 15 B-52’s and caused many other damage. The main tactic of the Liberation Army was to launch a series of SAM-2 missiles in the same target and overcome the interference and electronic suppression capability of the aircraft. The result of the battle of “Dien Bien Phu in the air” gave the US into the war camp and undertook negotiations in Paris in 1973.

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