Vietnamese mother is close to finding out her daughter losting during 44 years in operation babylift

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Vietnamese mother Mrs Nguyen Thi Dep is close to finding out her daughter Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai losting during 44 years in operation babylift when there is a woman having DNA kin to her half daugher

The story about at Vietnam war time, a Vietnamese girl names Nguyen Thi Dep loved a US soldier – Joe and they had a girl borned in 1972 with the name Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai. After that, Joe came back America and because of the war, Mrs Dep sent her daughter to America in operation Babylift. She lost contact with her daughter after that

After putting the article Vietnamese Mother Finds Her Daughter During 43 Years In Babylift Programme and the article in Vietnamese website : Người Mẹ Tìm Con Theo Chương Trình Babylift 43 Năm Trước . We received many helps from Viet Nam and international readers. Fortunnaly, Joe’s daughter – Mrs Bonnie contacted me in email. She having the photographs which her father always kept in his pocket before. The photographs is the time Joe and Mrs Dep was in love and traveled to Da lat in Viet Nam. I showed Mrs Dep this photograph and she said me that’s true

I gave Mrs Dep’s telephone number, address to Mrs Bonnie, … Mrs Bonnie also let me know that she put her DNA to Ancestry and its reply that there was a women with DNA kin to her and some international readers informed me that that woman’s name is Leigh Boughton Small is locating at Portland, Maine, US

This morning, Mrs Dep told me that there was one America woman with the name Leigh called her and that woman said that she was Mrs Dep’s daughter and will come to Vietnam to visit Mrs Dep in November. I really hope that Leigh is Mrs Dep’s daughter and really hope that the dream about Vietnamese mother can find out her daughter losting during 44 years in operation babylift will come true

Mrs Dep told me that at present, she isn’t sure that if Leigh is her daughter until they meet each other in November and she is wating for the day to meet Mrs Leigh

I want to say thanks you to Mr Liem Nguyen in California who helped me to supply alot of precious informations, Mr Seabrook, Mrs Antonie… .. and Mrs Nikkie Lam who intended to send a DNA kit to help Mrs Dep to get DNA and help us to put it in US website, ….

Anyone who have any information about her daughter Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai. Please contact me : Gia Hao Informatics Company – Mr Ly Gia Khang : Tel 00-84-0989282818 – Email : . Address : 593 Kha Van Can street, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

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